Staffing Solutions


Staffing Solutions

Whether primary, tertiary, or specialised care, our team of Charisma nurses dedicate themselves to your care, bringing their advanced skills, as well as their eagerness to provide the makings of a formidable bond.

In order to provide the best quality of care, they complete one-of-a-kind, comprehensive work readiness programme to improve and reinforce clinical knowledge, practical skills, and confidence.


Our nurses are placed according to skill, duration, and location, so they can work where and when convenient for them.


Want to find out if they’re The One? Our nurses are willing to conduct a working interview before being employed.

Workforce management

Beyond nursing recruitment, Charisma provides people management solutions.


Our stringent recruitment process ensures that Charisma nurses aren’t just qualified and registered with the South African Nursing Council, they’re also tested to meet the standards you deserve.


Our online booking service and call centre is manned by placement consultants who leverage our active database to find the right match for your needs.


Charisma processes over 5 000 assignees’ salaries on a weekly basis, meticulously completing all deductions and reports to ensure compliance.

IR Management

With the support of Adcorp’s Labour Relations Services Centre. Charisma ensures legally defensible IR interventions and practices.

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What we offer

Nursing solutions

Modern medicine is advancing in ways we’d never imagined. But great health care means more than just progressive technology because artificial intelligence is worthless if someone who cares isn’t holding your hand. Infuse this human connection with reliability, reputability, legal robustness, and personalised solutions – and you’ve decoded Charisma’s DNA.


Charisma nursing solutions span two key areas: