Private Home Care


Private Home Care

When you or someone you love needs professional care, Charisma steps up and goes beyond your expectations. We understand that support refers to emotional comfort in addition to medical assistance.

Charisma’s home care solutions give your loved one access to gentle, professional and reliable care in the comfort of their own home, whether what’s needed is:

Senior Care

Respite care

(Temporary replacement
for a regular care worker)



End-of-life care

*Charisma does not have a practice number so our home care services are not covered by Medical Aid

What our care workers do

Our care workers undergo a thorough screening process, followed by an induction and training programme. By the time they get to you, they’re not only proficient in attending to the activities of daily living, but also in:

Taking patients’ temperatures

Recording blood pressure
& blood glucose levels

Changing simple
wound dressings

6 steps to at-home care

Finding your Charisma home care worker is as simple as following these six steps:

Telephonic assessment

Meeting the patient

Selection of care package

Home-care assessment

Contract and payment

5-star support

Frequently asked questions

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What we offer

Nursing solutions

Modern medicine is advancing in ways we’d never imagined. But great health care means more than just progressive technology because artificial intelligence is worthless if someone who cares isn’t holding your hand. Infuse this human connection with reliability, reputability, legal robustness, and personalised solutions – and you’ve decoded Charisma’s DNA.


Charisma nursing solutions span two key areas: