Medical Fitness Screening


Medical Fitness Screening

Charisma offers a wide selection of medical screenings using state-of-the-art equipment and software. These can be conducted on clients’ premises via our mobile and Wellness Day services, or at our Medical Fitness Screening Centre.

Medical screening services:

Full & basic

Medicals for

Red ticket

PDP Certificate


Glucose tests

Drug tests

Lung function


HIV tests

Reports and certificates following mobile assessments are made available within 24 hours.

Regular compliance testing

Our automated system notifies clients one month before the next medical, and includes:

Paperless processing

Electronic feedback

Online booking

No deposit requirement 

No minimum bookings per day 

No hidden fees

Contact the screening centre for info, quotes and bookings.

Company wellness days

A healthy workforce is a happy workforce, and happiness breeds productivity. Other benefits include: fewer sick days, lower morbidity rates, risk management, and a culture of health across the organisation.

Get in touch with our team on  for more information on our Wellness day solutions.

The Occupational Health Act stipulates that employers are required to meet the occupational health regulations. With our advanced technology, streamlined processes and skilled team of healthcare professionals led by our Occupational Health Doctor and Occupational Health Registered Nurse, our solutions enable companies to comply with their industry specific regulations.

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Make your organisation’s health a priority because a healthy workforce is a happy workforce.

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Nursing solutions

Modern medicine is advancing in ways we’d never imagined. But great health care means more than just progressive technology because artificial intelligence is worthless if someone who cares isn’t holding your hand. Infuse this human connection with reliability, reputability, legal robustness, and personalised solutions – and you’ve decoded Charisma’s DNA.


Charisma nursing solutions span two key areas: