About Imbewu


Introducing Imbewu

Imbewu is a recognition programme that awards Charisma nurses that qualify for their hours of care with many benefits to lighten the load of their unwavering generosity towards others.

How it works

Qualifying members are assigned to one of four tiers and stand to benefit from the perks applicable to that tier.

Members move up or down in the tier structure according to the number of hours worked each month.

Imbewu benefits

Debt Assist

We offer Budget Assist which helps to reduce monthly payments in terms of the NCR regulations.

Home Assist

Home emergency assistance, including electrical, plumbing, locksmiths services including call out fees and labour. 

Funeral Assist

Members receive a 3-day car hire and R200 prepaid airtime voucher and R200 prepaid electricity voucher. 

Mental Wellness

Covid-19 focused trauma assist plan with telephonic counselling facilities available to members every day of the year.

Taking care of our essential workers

We believe our essential workers would benefit from Imbewu which offers compelling value-added rewards within a tiered structure: including vital assistance and discount vouchers from discount partners.